El Dorado Hills is one of the most hotly sought after areas for families to live just for its education alone. Families flock to live in El Dorado Hills to get top notch education from its Elementary Schools, its Middle Schools, and its High Schools. No other area in Northern California offers such pride and top ranking schools across the board. This page offers all the information you need to know about El Doardo Hills public school system including all the school websites, school district boundary maps, and the all important High School boundary map to know whether your child would go to Oak Ridge High School, Ponderosa High School, or Union Mine High School

El Dorado Hills is comprised of three main school districts: Buckeye, Rescue, and El Dorado Union. Buckeye Union School District and Rescue Union School District include all the different public elementary schools and middles schools in El Dorado Hills, both districts being top notch. El Dorado Union High School District covers the High School system for Oak Ridge High School, Ponderosa High School, and Union Mine High School.  Right now, the only El Dorado Hills area dedicated to Union Mine High School is the new home community of Blackstone.

Buckeye Union School District includes living within the boundaries of popular neighborhoods like Serrano, Stonegate and Ridgeview. Rescue Union School District includes living in popular neighborhoods like Fairchild Village, Waterford, The Promontory, and some select areas of Serrano. When it comes to the El Dorado Union High School District, and which High School an El Dorado Hills resident will attend, is usually the biggest concern when purchasing a home in El Dorado Hills. The most common question is “Is this home within the Oak Ridge High School Boundaries?” Although Oak Ridge, Ponderosa and Union Mine high schools are top notch, Oak Ridge High School tends to be the first choice due to convenience and reputation. Ponderosa and Union Mine are both out of the area – Ponderosa High School is located in Shingle Springs and Union Mine High School is located way up near Placerville in El Dorado – both of which are much more difficult to commute for an El Dorado Hills resident than Oak Ridge High School. Oak Ridge High School is conveniently located in the heart of El Dorado Hills.

The El Dorado Hills public school system has many school boundaries; therefore, the most common question for a family is “where will my child go to school?” The location of your home gives you the answer and the El Dorado Hills school districts of Buckeye, Rescue and El Dorado Union are very strict with keeping the school boundaries firm. Below are are school boundary maps that may help you weave your way thru the confusion of where your children will go to school depending upon where you live in El Dorado Hills. From Elementary school districts lines, to middle school district lines, to the all important Oak Ridge High School boundaries. Always remember that the school boundaries are subject to change. Use these maps as a guide only. For example, a revision to the Oak Ridge High School boundaries may some day happen with potential legislation trying to be pushed thru called the 94/6 that would allow all Serrano residents‘ kids to transfer to Oak Ridge High School.  However, there is no confirmation this will ever pass.  Additionally there are talks of possibly allowing Blackstone residents to choose Ponderosa High School or Union Mine High School as both options for their kids, instead of being strictly Union Mine. Always confirm directly with the school regarding a home’s address and if it is located within the school’s boundary of choice.

  • Oak Ridge High School boundaries MAP
  • Buckeye School District Elementary School boundaries MAP
  • Buckeye School District Middle School boundaries MAP
  • Rescue School District Elementary School boundaries MAP
  • Rescue School District boundaries MAP